That’s all folks……….



Between 1955 and 1959, 143 episodes of “The Adventures of Robin Hood” emerged from a tiny studio in Walton on Thames and burst onto black and white tellies all over the UK, (and, indeed, a hefty chunk of the world). They’re still great to watch and feature some brilliant writing, which isn’t surprising if you read up on the background to the series here.

I’ve only managed 122 episodes of this nonsense but feel really chuffed to have been seen by a global audience and, while my writing hasn’t been up to the standard of the blacklisted scriptwriters who bashed out those stories of Sherwood Forest, I’ve been generally pleased with my output.

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun – your kind thoughts and attention really did help me to sort out loads of stuff about myself. I’m still a part-time redhead but one who’s a lot stronger and much more relaxed about the whole undeniable weirdness of it all. Look me up on Facebook if you’re passing – just say Siobhan sent you.

Love, Siobhan